"A lobster is a mushy animal that lives inside of a rigid shell. As it grows, the shell becomes confining and the lobster feels a lot of pressure. It goes under a rock, cast off its shell and grows a new one. Eventually, that shell becomes too small and the lobster starts over. The stimulus for the lobster to grow is that it feels uncomfortable."

Be the lobster

11 Reasons To Get Excited About Portland's Newest Dance Studio

11: Dance Co is opening a studio early fall!

Here are 11 reasons to get excited with us:

1. A new studio means new classes, new friends, and new dance moves! Yay!

2. It's for adults! Because taking dance classes with kids can be awkward...

3. You can be whoever you want to be. Boy band. QUEEN. Hot asian dad. IT'S ALL GOOOOOD!

4. We now have an excuse to bring out amazing teachers from all over the country!

5. You can brush up on (or learn) your foundation.

6. Advanced dancers can feel challenged.

7. We're all about training to get PDX on par with the big kids in SF, LA, and NYC.

8. We teach neo-fusion.

9. For everyone who's not about the gym life, we're introducing DanceFit!

10. Our city is overflowing with talent. It’s time we put it on the map!

11. It's going to be a sweet, new community space to come wiggle with new and old friends.

It's on 1847 E. Burnside in Portland, OR. 

Here's what we got so far...


As you can see, we're not quite ready to open our doors yet. 

We need your help to make this space a home.

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