"A lobster is a mushy animal that lives inside of a rigid shell. As it grows, the shell becomes confining and the lobster feels a lot of pressure. It goes under a rock, cast off its shell and grows a new one. Eventually, that shell becomes too small and the lobster starts over. The stimulus for the lobster to grow is that it feels uncomfortable."

Be the lobster

The Two That Started It All

Bb DeLano
Artistic Director

Bb founded 11: Dance Co on the core belief that great art comes from respect, authenticity and fearlessness. Bb aims to empower dancers to push themselves to their fullest potential. challenge them to explore the limits of what dance can be and cultivate a fuller understanding of their personal relationship to movement. A group of misfits that want to change the world one performance at a time. Here, love is an action and not just a sentiment. 

We’ve created an environment where passion is required, supported, and thrives.

“I love Jesus and bread. Jesus first but...bread though.” - Photograph by Jake Kaempf

“I love Jesus and bread. Jesus first but...bread though.” - Photograph by Jake Kaempf

As a believer in Christ, Bb’s creative process reflects His teachings: we are human, therefore we are flawed. The stage is used to uncover those quirks, blemishes, and mistakes; sharing experiences and feelings normally kept behind closed doors. People don’t come to our shows to see perfection. They come to see their stories told. 

Art can be a powerful catalyst for social change but only if we are loud enough to capture people's attention. 11 wants to make as much noise as possible. This project is a labor of abundant love for art, revolution and each other.

Huy Pham
Executive Director

“God is good. Chubby babies are the best.”

Full bio coming soon...

Photograph by Jake Kaempf

Photograph by Jake Kaempf

Company Auditions 2/28/2016

A Stage Lit By Cellphones