"A lobster is a mushy animal that lives inside of a rigid shell. As it grows, the shell becomes confining and the lobster feels a lot of pressure. It goes under a rock, cast off its shell and grows a new one. Eventually, that shell becomes too small and the lobster starts over. The stimulus for the lobster to grow is that it feels uncomfortable."

Be the lobster

Library At The End Of The World


"...innovative interweaving of classical and street styles..." - The Mercury (source)

"...promising to stir up Portland's dance scene." - Willamette Week (source)


"This show was the first time I've been able to feel anything in a long time.  I cannot even begin to express how appreciative I am of you and the passion from your artists for giving me that back..." - Sam S.

"Seeing you guys gave me hope for the generation that's going to be raising my kids" - Jessie B.


A Sound System Meltdown Leads To A Standing Ovation.

Freestyle Training Playlist #2